Yesterday, Banksy put up some vaginal ant art somewhere on Staten Island—which no one has found yet as far as we know. Today's "Hammer Boy" piece, which is somewhere on the Upper West Side, is equally mysterious (and there's no text accompanying the picture).

But there's already chatter that it's at W 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway—which is a DSW.

Update: As you can see from the photos above, that is exactly where the latest piece is. Go check it out while it's still there!

Update: According to witnesses, there was an attempted defacing of the piece (by the person in photo 6)—but it was stopped by the crowd. "Some kid tried to spray paint over it and some big dude tackled them," said Justin Ciambra. "Big brawl sparking many arguments about the 'rules' of the game. The guy got away." You can see video of the aftermath below.

Attempt to deface Banksy's UWS piece stopped from Gothamist on Vimeo.