The ever-beloved City Reliquary community museum hosted its 12th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day block party in Williamsburg yesterday afternoon and, despite a temporary downpour, it was one of the most fun and heavily-attended bike events in recent years.

There was a huge variety of bicycles over which party-goers fetishized, from beautifully restored vintage models (a small fleet of 5-speed Schwinn Stingrays delivered a particularly powerful nostalgia jolt for me) to small-wheeled contraptions to sleek and simple commuter bikes.

But the biggest crowd-pleasers of the day were the mutant bikes, provided by the Black Label Bike Club and featuring an enormous double-decker, tall-bike-plus-swing contraption that took many laps around the neighborhood to the delight of passersby. Grilled burgers and hot dogs, dope DJing, bike advocacy booths, and trophies to several categories of "best of's" rounded out the day's festivities.