The giant 76-feet-tall Norway Spruce that was cut down in Connecticut is now propped up, Weekend at Bernie's-style, in Rockefeller Center. Go join the Hieronymus Bosch tableau and lap up some of the bloody sap that's dripping, inexorably, from the Rockefeller family's hands! Or just click on these photos to behold the dead tree on display in its penultimate resting place. What a beautiful and inspiring sacrifice.

The dead 80-year-old Spruce is already drawing a crowd even without the colorful lighting and makeup applied by the expert Rockefeller Center morticians. "Everyone in New York City knows that the holidays are coming when the tree comes," one observer told NY1. "It's just a special symbol of the holidays of New York City and good cheer." It's also a special symbol of insatiable, unsustainable consumerism, which is what the holidays are really about!

The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for December 4th, and then the tree will be taken down and discarded about a month later. Norway Spruces can live to be over 200 years old, so this tree that gave its life for our bizarre antiquated tradition almost lived to be middle age! Totally worth it.