After a particularly dramatic primary that focused a lot on NYC's (crumbling) mass transit, it was fitting that the new Miss Subways invoked Governor Cuomo—and his challenger after winning the title last night.

Parker MacLure reigned supreme on Thursday night, after lip-syncing a Cynthia Nixon ad and drinking a "vial of Cuomo's tears." Earlier this week, MacLure, who competed in drag, told amNY, "It’s such a communal space that we all rely on. All of us, we live in the city, we don’t talk to each other, but then we’re forced to be so close to each other.”

The Miss Subways contest had been held between 1941 and 1977, sponsored by the New York Subways Advertising company. It was revived last year by City Reliquary and transit activist Alex Low, and was modernized by opening it up to all gender identities. The main emphasis is on the subway—as City Reliquary's description of the event explains, "It’s been another roller coaster year for the NYC subway. Some good - Fair Fares! and the 'Fast Forward' modernization plan - but as we all know: the subway is still a mess, the fixes still need funding, and we have to keep up the pressure."

Other contestants showed off talents with musical performances about the subway and NYC birdwatching expertise. One, Charli Battersby, a video game designer who focuses on transgender characters in gaming, created a video game, MTA: Molemen Tunnel Adventure, and bribed judges by saying she would include them in the game (note: all contestants offered bribes). Battersby won Miss Congeniality, and you can play a demo of MTA: Molemen Tunnel Adventure here.

The competition, which was judged by Reverend Jen Miller, Baratunde R. Thurston, NY1's Roger Clark, and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, was a little more official seeming this year—it was held on a stage with lighting at Littlefield in Gowanus, versus the 2017 setting, which was City Reliquary's backyard. Our photographer Sai Mokhtari commented, "Last year felt a lot more like a pageant on peyote and this year felt a lot more...normal."

Proceeds from the evening went to City Reliquary and the Riders Alliance.

Reporting by Sai Mokhtari