Conditions were brutal yesterday in Brooklyn Bridge Park—with very little breeze, blazing sun, and horrendous humidity—but that didn't stop an impressively large crowd from showing up and running around the sloping Harbor View Lawn for the annual Kite Festival.

Most people had to be content with attempting to fly their kites, a proposition which seemed just fine to the hordes of little kids tearing up and down the hill, but a surprising number of enthusiasts actually succeeded in getting their birds aloft.

(Scott Lynch / Gothamist)

There were a few massive tangles due to crossed strings, several awesome handmade kites that zipped right on up there, and a couple of family-oriented performers who managed to sound spunky despite the heat. And, of course, the whole event was set against the always-lovely views of the busy harbor, the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan, and the majestic Brooklyn Bridge itself.