Another sign that spring is here, even if it's still grey and chilly out there: The Met has opened their rooftop garden. This year's site-specific installation was created by Dan Graham with Günther Vogt, and will be up there through November 2nd—yesterday we got a peek at the installation, which comes with a nice green turf.

The piece—titled Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout—is comprised of "curves of steel and two-way mirrored glass [both transparent and reflective!] between ivy hedgerows." It's part garden, part maze, and looks perfect reflecting the city's skyscrapers. As the Director and CEO of the Metropolitan Museum, Thomas Campbell, put it: “visitors will discover a picturesque landscape that is at once unexpected and familiar.”

But is it VIRAL, like the Rain Room? Graham noted at yesterday's press preview that he "designed the changing convex and concave pavilion as a photo op for parents” (and a "funhouse for kids"). So yes, bring your Instagram with you.