Cut us some slack, it's Friday. Oh no, it's Thursday? We are so screwed. Whatever: men with cats on their heads! What's up with that? This purrrfect accessory first came to our attention in 2008, when we published a hard-hitting exposé on New Yorkers who take their cats outside on leashes. Months later, Corey Kilgannon filed a story in the Times about Charlie Perito, who likes to parade around town with his cat, Nicholas, perched on his head. Now fast forward to October 20th, 2011, when Kilgannon discovers that Nicholas has surfaced atop a man's head in Google Street View!

Because of Google's facial obscuring technology, it's difficult to verify if that's Perito in the photo. But that sure looks like Nicholas, whom Perito was using as a prop to beg for change back when Kilgannon interviewed him. But he's not the only one who's been known to rock the cat-head look, as these photos demonstrate. Two's a trend! Is cat-head going mainstream or is it still alt? Would Karen O's rock opera have been more relevant if she wore cats onstage? If you wear your cat to CMJ does your cat also need a badge? Are you and your cat allowed in the bathroom together at Union Pool?