Yesterday, just after the news spread that Harold Ramis had died, a small memorial went up at Hook & Ladder 8 (aka Ghostbusters HQ) in TriBeCa. The memorial has since grown, with more Twinkies than your local bodega (a nod to this scene), samples of spores and fungus, Nestle Crunch bars (for this scene), Cheez-Its, flowers, and photos.

There is one thing missing, however... the Ghostbusters sign is still inside the firehouse. While a photo has been passed around on Twitter, declaring the sign has been hung as a tribute to Ramis, that photo is many years old. We reached out to the FDNY to find out if they'll display the sign outside, and we'll update when we hear back.

UPDATE: The FDNY's Frank Dwyer tells us the sign will not be going up, as they only place things outside the firehouse when a firefighter has died.