We've looked back at the graffiti-adorned subway cars of the 1970s before, and now for a closer look at the straphangers from the day. Click through for a look, and a little look at what they were reading: from National Lampoon magazine to the New York Times.

According to NYC Subway, "the New York City Transit Authority didn't have a chance in the 1970s. Only 4 days into 1970, the fare was raised from 20 cents to 30 cents... The fare increase was supposed to plug up large deficits in operations, and whatever surplus was available could go to infrastructure repairs. With this fare hike, ridership declined, and this vicious cycle of fare hike / reduced ridership would repeat itself several times in the 1970s. Yet the required maintenance was never done." How little things change.

And below, one woman declares, "The subways are crummy. And they're dangerous. You get pushed, you get shoved, sometimes you get mugged... during the daylight."

Here's a look back at what was going on above ground during the decade.