The Cat Fashion Show hosted at the Algonquin Hotel in 2010 was a Big Event. You know? There were a ton of fantastically-costumed felines walking down a real deal runway! There was a host! There were celebrity guests! it was the goddamn Miss Universe Pageant, but for cats. But over the years it's gone kind of downhill, with just a handful of half-asleep cats begrudgingly participating. Photographer Katie Sokoler attended this year's annual event (a birthday party for the hotel's cat, Matilda), which took place last night—she reports back:

"It seems to be getting more and more lame each year. Luckily they had different outfits this time. But there weren't that many cats and they just lay around. It takes place on the second floor of the hotel in a cramped room and you basically just walk around and look at the few cats."

But you know what, there are still cats in costumes, and we'll continue to stare on in wonderment at them and their humans until the end of time. And those humans, by the way, are dressing up in cat-themed fashions for the event these days, totally fulfilling the whole Cat Person idea. Click through for a look at them, and their furry friends.