It's safe to say that if you're reading this website, there's almost certainly too much Trump cluttering up your various newsfeeds right now. Being inundated with so many increasingly alarming reports about the state of the country and the morons currently in charge of it is liable to cause a person to become apoplectic with rage. You need a break—you deserve a break. So get rid of that Twitter tab and start scrolling through these photos of Louboutina (aka Loubie), the five-year-old Golden Retriever whose purpose in life is to hug random New Yorkers and make everything feel a little better for a few moments.

"Loubie started hugging almost two years ago and about a year ago she started hugging strangers," her human, Cesar, told us. While some dogs are distressed by such behavior, it's no problem for Loubie: "I believe she knows when she is surrounded by a lot of people and attention and she likes it, she literally starts smiling...and to the cameras too."

"It's nice to see we bring some smiles to people on the streets, especially now with this heavy political energy all over our country," he added. Cesar and Loubie, who was named after French fashion designer Christian Louboutin, live in Chelsea and are well-known around the neighborhood (you can follow them on Instagram here). So if you feel like photos just aren't quite enough to scratch your existential itch, you can always go stop by the Chelsea, West Village and Gramercy areas where Loubie gets walked, and hope you run into this magical furball.