Marvel Comics roots are deep in the New York City asphalt. It all started in Manhattan in 1939, with publisher Martin Goodman's Timely Comics, which would become Marvel in the 1960s. In Marvel's world, there's no Gotham, only New York City, and as a tribute to their hometown they're releasing 15 special "variant" comic book covers, according to the NY Post. Each will show Marvel characters enjoying different iconic locations—from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty to... the subway system.

The company's EIC, Axel Alonso, told the tabloid, "New York has always been home for the Marvel Universe. We were born here 75 years ago. We’re proud to be New Yorkers and we just thought that this was a way to underscore that. [DC Comics'] Superman lives in Metropolis.... Batman lives in Gotham. But [Marvel's] Spider-Man is from New York and lives in Queens. Our characters have always had an intimate relationship with the city."

Meanwhile, Marvel's rival DC Comics has just abandoned New York City for Burbank, CA.

Click through for a look at the covers, which will be released through May—including Howard the Duck on the Staten Island Ferry, Hulk sunbathing in Central Park, and Groot and Rocket Raccoon on the subway.