Everyone who braved Friday's downpour (more like "War On Precipitation," right?) to make it to our Northside show at Rough Trade were treated to finger-tapping virtuosity, clever scuzz pop, and guitars guitars guitars.

Philadelphia's Amanda X began the evening with their brand of smooth melodies and Pavement-y riffs. This band gets better and tighter each time you see them, which made them a brilliant choice (thanks, IMPOSE) to lead into the bulletproof assault from Cincinatti's Tweens. Bridget Battle yowls like she's got her boot on Iggy Pop's neck, and their subversive, expertly-timed attack goes far beyond salacious asides (heh, "TWEENS").

A rare solo set from Marnie Stern was like watching a single lumberjack juggle chainsaws. As a friend remarked at all the mouths agape, "Don't stare at her fingers too long, your eyes will burn out of your head."

Many thanks to IMPOSE for curating and Rough Trade for hosting.