Lord & Taylor, the department store that got its start in 1826 on Catherine Street, has started to say goodbye to its Fifth Avenue flagship. Today, the store started a "final sale," as a farewell to the 104-year-old location, which will soon be taken over by WeWork.

In June, the store's parent company, Hudson Bay Co., announced it would shut down the flagship amid losses. It had already announced the $850 million sale of the landmark to WeWork in 2017, but had still planned to occupy two floors.

Lord & Taylor President Vanessa LeFebvre spoke to the Post about the demise of this specific storefront, "The significance of this location is not lost on me. But we have 45 other stores that will be with us in the new year."

The store will close after the holidays and will only have two holiday windows this year, instead of the usual six.

We visited the Lord & Taylor earlier this week and saw the preparation for the sale, with signs awkwardly proclaiming, "It doesn't get any better than this!" Our photographer Sai Mokhtari reported back that, "It was pretty empty in there and it bummed me out, seeing all these people who are about to lose their jobs. It was very quiet throughout the building."