What do you do after playing Alexander Hamilton for the last time in your critically-acclaimed, Broadway blockbuster musical based on the first Secretary of the Treasury? If you're Tony-, Grammy- and Pulitzer Prize-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, you cut your hair and then party with Jennifer Lopez, Mariska Hargitay and, um, John Kerry.

But first, you take a bow and leave the stage to the music of The West Wing:

Now, THIS, Children, is how you take a bow. #linmanuelmiranda @HamiltonMusical #Hamilton

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The social media team at Hamilton put Miranda's curtain call on Facebook Live:

It seemed like it was pretty festive post-show:

Miranda, who spent years creating the musical after being inspired by Ron Chernow's biography, has become a superstar (complete with concerns about rabid fans) as he turned a Founding Father into an official cultural phenomenon. After originating the role and performing it for a year and a half (not including all the workshopping, etc.), Miranda is bowing out, with his rather excellent alternate Javier Munoz taking over the role. So, farewell to his period 'do:

He also said good-bye to fans from the marquee of the Richard Rodgers Theatre, before heading off the after-party, which included Miranda's new collaborator J.Lo, Secretary of State John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Charlie Rose, Rosie O'Donnell (one of those insane Hamilton fans), Mariska Hargitay and even a Pokemon:

#linmanuelmiranda debuts his post Hamilton hair after his final performance #redcarpetchronicles #hamilton

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There's a Pidgey at this party for Lin's last performance of Hamilton

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Miranda's next move will be preparing for his film role in the sequel to Mary Poppins; he'll play a lamplighter named Jack.

Fellow cast members Leslie Odom Jr., who won a Tony for his portrayal of Aaron Burr, and Philippa Soo, nominated for her role as Hamilton's long-suffering wife Eliza, are also leaving the cast. Odom Jr. will be doing a jazz concert series at the McKittrick Hotel starting this week while Soo will be readying for the lead in the upcoming musical, Amelie, based on the French film.

Don't worry—all this success has not gone to Miranda's head: