A bold straphanger who may or may not possess telekinetic abilities dared to squeeze her body into a fraction of a crevice between two other subway riders this week.

"It was an amazing sight to see. I think she might have been levitating," the tipster who took the photos said. "Her ass must have been just barely touching the seat. She was definitely seated. But barely. Comical."

She was livin' on the edge. She was in a tight but normal squeeze. She was tempted by the seat of another.


The miraculous incident took place around 6 p.m. Friday on an Astoria-bound N Train. The woman seems to have taken the phrase "mind the gap" in a new, literal direction:

"She full-on forced herself in between these two women," the tipster said. "It was so hilariously awkward that everyone on the train was staring and wondering if she was serious. She avoided eye contact at all costs." Sure, but maybe she was avoiding eye contact the way a lion wouldn't make eye contact with an ant.

We salute this brave sliver of a human being for her determination and chutzpah, especially in the face of a subway car filled with doubters: "Ladies gave her a 'guffaw' look but seemed too stunned to say anything," the tipster added. "They just rolled their eyes and went along with it. The patience of these women was incredible. They couldn't have been New Yorkers!"

Heaven help anyone who tries to pull something like this with some less intimidated riders.