The Coen Brothers' iconic The Big Lebowski—that slacker-noir story of strikes, gutters, rugs, and The Dude—brought over 100 urban achievers to Hell's Kitchen's Lucky Strike last night for Lebowski Fest 2014.

Costumes, trivia, bowling, and white russians galore marked the night of a lotta ins, lotta outs. Some ingenious costume work from participants brought Marty the landlord, The Eagles, and Larry Sellers's crinkled homework to the party, along with a bevy of Dudes. All The Dude ever wanted was his rug back.

Everything went smoothly—everyone kept calmer than you are—until one of the Port Huron Statements barged onto a stage of Walters, trying to steal the spotlight. The move was pure Busch league psych-out stuff, and he was quickly removed so that the costumed what-have-yous could carry on.

As the night wound down, a top bowling score of 162 was announced, and once again more than one bar station ran out of Kahlua. Michael Marosey, 48, who was a dead ringer for The Dude, said this was his third Lebowski Fest, and swore he had never won a costume contest. "Every time I come I just meet the best people," he said. Marosey, who called himself an "Ordained Dudist Priest," said he's also available for weddings. Good to know there are still some Dudes out there, facilitating marriages for all us sinners.