Native New York Matthew Litwack grew up fascinated with the subways, and his lifelong passion has culminated in a vivid book about the subway system's secret world. He and graffiti artist Jurne collaborated on a book, Beneath the Streets: The Hidden Relics of New York's Subway System, which is being released tomorrow.

Litwack, whose primary ride is the F train, told us it's a tribute to architecture of the system, as well as a showcase for 35 years worth of photographs featuring abandoned stations, graffiti and more. He and Jurne spent the past five years putting together the book, which has nearly 400 pictures of tunnels, tags, and more elaborate pieces—like REVS' "pages" from his biography—and quotes from numerous graffiti artists, like COPE2 and HAZE.

Litwack added, "We have hundreds of photographs we didn't use," suggesting they might try to put together another book. He's celebrating Beneath the Streets' launch tonight at Powerhouse Books in DUMBO at 7 p.m.—check it out!