Kate Upton has gone from doing the Dougie at a Clippers game to being on the cover of two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions and the cover of Vogue. She's also trying to be more than a model, so she's been acting more—and now Upton is filming a movie with Cameron Diaz, launching numerous boob puns.

In a scene that apparently involves drinking and dancing, Upton was spotted in the Hamptons, barely contained by her yellow bra. The Daily News' headline is "Kate Upton has breast intentions on New York set of ‘The Other Woman’" while E!Online's is, "Kate Upton's Cleavage Is Out of Control on Set of The Other Woman" and adds, "Forget about The Other Woman. Check out Kate Upton's girls!"

This brings us memories of her doing the Cat Daddy for Terry Richardson. The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz who realizes that her boyfriend is actually married—she plans revenge. Let's hope Diaz, Leslie Mann and Upton are dancing and singing to "Put The Lime In The Coconut":