Last night around 7:30 p.m., Justin Timberlake Tweeted that he would be playing one song ("Take Back The Night") at Maxwell's in Hoboken for a Target commercial. And like that, Washington Street filled up with screaming ladies. Ladies, ladies, ladies, what compels you to scream so much in the face of celebrity?

While only 150 people were let in to the venue—including JT's wife Jessica Biel—the streets were swarmed with hundreds of others, according to They also report that paparazzi climbed fire escapes in hopes of getting a good shot of the star—which just seems like a comical scene.

The legendary Maxwell's closed on July 31st with a blowout featuring some of the original bands ("a", the Bongos) that played the space... does JT's short performance mean he now bookends the musical history of the beloved venue?

At least one of the bands that's been loyal to Maxwell's had some fun with the star, while highlighting the terrible parking situation in Hoboken—something venue owners noted as being a real problem ("parking for a show at Maxwell’s ended up being a bigger ordeal than many anticipated").