Yesterday's Puerto Rican Day Parade brought Boricua pride to Fifth Avenue. And since it's an election year, many politicians were out front and center, including Anthony Weiner, who drew a mixed response from the crowd.

According to the Post, there were three types of Weiner observations:

"Everybody makes mistakes. He’s a good man, and I hope that he wins. I’d vote for him." — 45-year-old woman who said she'd vote for him.
"He’s disgusting, putting his body on the Web and degrading women like he did, embarrassing his wife." — Vietnam vet who booed him.
"There’s a lot of pretty girls with Weiner." — Anonymous paradegoer.

An estimated one million people turned out to watch the parade, which largely unfolded without incident. However, a police officer on a motorcycle assigned to the parade was injured when a driver in a BMW hit him at Park and 84th Street. The cop suffered a broken leg, the driver was not charged.