The annual pre-West Indian American Day parade event, J'Ouvert, attracted crowds of revelers with Caribbean pride this morning in Brooklyn.

For a second year in a row, the city heavily restricted access to the celebration, with the NYPD screening attendees at designated checkpoints along Eastern Parkway, and moved the start time to 6 a.m., hours later than previous years in an effort to limit violent incidents. (There were two shootings near the parade route, but it's unclear if they were related to J'Ouvert.)

Photographer Scott Heins noted, "Security was less clogged than last year from the observations I had near the check-in gate on Flatbush. Other checkpoints along the route at times had lines but I never saw one more than 10 people and police were pretty casual about waving metal detector wands over people, peeking in bags, and waving people through." And, on the first weekend of NYC's new, more relaxed marijuana policy, many people were spotted with pot, and Heins said, "I didn't see any cops ticketing."

Turnout seemed similar to last year, but Heins added, "It's still worth noting that compared to years past, when J'Ouvert started at 2 a.m., turnout for 2017 and 2018 has been noticeably decreased."

By 7:30 a.m., J'Ouvert was in full swing, with bands—who have been practicing and preparing for months—playing loudly. Steel pan band Despers wore t-shirts proclaiming, "Panorama Champions 2018," as they won the competition on Sunday. (Take that, Kathleen Riley!)