If August 25th is too early for Pumpkin Spice anything, then is early September too early for Christmas? Like it or not, Macy's is on it.

There are only 100 shopping days left until Christmas, and Macy's has been hurriedly preparing its big Christmas section since last week. At the Herald Square flagship, just past the furniture and mattress section on the 9th floor, you'll find a retail wonderworld that can only be described as "Christmas on Crack." It has everything from a shelf full of bizarre nautical Santas and cowboy Santas, Wizard of Oz themed nutcrackers and wine country- (or Cougar Town-) themed Christmas trees.

Macy's Vice President of Media Relations Elina Kazan told Gothamist that the set-up of their "Holiday Lane" is "consistent due with set up in previous years due to the extensive product assortment (ornaments, trees, lights, cards, among other items) the department features." She added, "The set up of holiday displays in a store the size of ours needs time as our visual and stock teams work to create the holiday experience."

As for the big guy himself, a sales associate said Santa Claus will be meeting and greeting good boys and girls before Thanksgiving. It's unclear if Snowball and Crumpet will be there, but we all know Saks Fifth Avenue has the best Santa anyway.