We were spoiled by Spring this year—its beautiful weather may have been broken up by some intermittent storms, but the second most perfect season (it's no Autumn!) still lasted longer than usual. Right? It felt that way, at least. But now the heat is on, and while we'll grow to despise it as we sweat on crowded subway platforms for the next few months, at least, for now, some New Yorkers seem pretty goddamn happy it's here.

Yesterday photographer Scott Lynch scoped out the scene—visiting Tompkins Square Park, Washington Square Park, Hudson River Park, Christopher Street Pier, the Pier 62 Skatepark, Herald Square, Bryant Park, Times Square, Columbus Circle, and Sheep Meadow—capturing gleeful humans soaking up the sun. Have you ever seen such happiness? People are doing cartwheels! Cartwheel-level happiness is rare, let's appreciate it... here are 42 photos of people (and dogs) emanating pure joy.