Photo by Douglas Blais

UPDATE, 10:55 a.m.: The new Banksy piece is in Long Island City, Queens.

Did Banksy already drop his final piece? Are we not getting a Halloween bumper boat adorned with clever commentary floating down the East River like we imagined? Is this the way the month of Banksy ends: not with a bang but a whimper? This piece was spotted at Edgar and Greenwich in the Financial District this morning, and a few people have already sent it our way. Today marks the last day of Banksy's month-long, open-air residency, so if this is his, this is it. We'll update when we have more information, but this area is highly monitored by NYPD cameras, so whoever did this was likely caught on tape.

Photo by Douglas Blais

Luna Park, who knows her street art, also spotted it and gave it the #BanksyNY hashtag:

We're also getting emails about another piece that could be a Banksy, which we're going to check out. Could it be there are Banksy treats all over the city on this Halloween day?!