Demanding that guests adhere to the night's "Curse of the Mummy" theme for the McKittrick Hotel's elaborate Halloween party initially felt limiting—who are they to stop me from dressing like a life-sized taco if that's what I want? But the folks behind Sleep No More know what they're doing—the cumulative effect of all those pith helmets and bandaged mummy-faces grinding on the sand-covered dance floor was hypnotic.

DJ Junior Sanchez kept revelers happy on the main floor, which was dotted with giant faux-stone monoliths baring glowing sphinx etchings. Guests in search of respite from twerking pharaohs could repair to one of several seductively-appointed bars, and belly dancers, live bands and free flowing alcohol kept things fresh. The party was in keeping with the SNM aesthetic of being both sexy and surprising: A sinewy man on an elevated platform was methodically wrapped with white cloth, which stretched over the heads of dancers on the floor below. A woman in a gold bodice lounged in a giant pot of murky liquid. Is all this too weird? Order another drink.

And it's happening again tonight! Tickets for Sleep No More and the party alone are sold out, but a package including supper (with menu by Gallow Green chef R.L. King), Sleep No More and the party are still available for $250. It's an open bar, so, you know, imbibe your money's worth. You'll probably carry home at least a few bucks worth of sand in your shoes, too.