There is a recording studio under the streets of Gowanus, complete with a staircase that leads down to some murky waters detached from the Superfund site, part of a pond that lives underneath the neighborhood. The studio has been there since 1979, and bands like Sonic Youth, Dresden Dolls, Afrika Bambaata, and Fab Five Freddy have all recorded in the now-legendary space.

We dropped by this week as owner and producer Martin Bisi prepares for a documentary about his place to hit the big screen, and you can click through for a look inside. We've visited a lot of recording studios, and this one delivers on the aesthetic we'd expect, right down to the old couch you don't really want to sit on! Every studio worth its weight in gold records has got one of those.

Martin still runs BC Studios, which he founded with Bill Laswell and Brian Eno way back when "there were wild packs of dogs running around" the area. You can learn more tomorrow night at the premiere of Sound and Chaos: The Story Of BC Studio at Anthology Film Archives.