Hundreds of art fans crowded into the loading dock area of Long Island City's 5 Pointz yesterday to show their support for the internationally renowned graffiti gallery. The warehouse, owned by developers Jerry and David Wolkoff, is scheduled for demolition before the end of the year, but supporters of the art space tried to remain optimistic as they also said their goodbyes.

5 Pointz curator Jonathan Cohen, aka Meres One, had sought a court injunction against the destruction of the building, and the subsequent development of two gleaming new condos in its place, but last week Judge Frederic Block ruled that he could he find no legal reason to stop the Wolkoffs from bringing desperately needed luxury housing to that part of Queens doing whatever the hell they want with their property.

Much of the two-hour Save 5 Pointz Rally felt more like a "final, fond farewell" than an angry political demonstration: A million photo-ops and selfies; old-school hip hop blasting in the courtyard, courtesy DJ Formula One; a scattering of unnecessary NYPD officers; and dozens of reminiscences from the stage by graffiti writers, teachers, students, and local art fans of what 5 Pointz has meant for them personally as well as to the community as a whole.

But despite the somewhat melancholy atmosphere, Meres One made it clear that he and his crew were not done fighting. "It's not over until I say it's over," said Meres in his rallying speech. "Don't bring your negative vibes and talk of demolition here today. I'm exhausted from all of this, but I'm not giving up yet."

The latest tactic: getting the 200,000 square-foot building—built in 1904 as a water plant, but for the last two decades serving as a mecca for writers and artists from around the world—landmarked by the city. To that end, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission "Request For Evaluation" forms were passed around and filled out by most of those in attendance at Saturday, joining the "thousands" more that Meres claims are already done and waiting to be sent.

If you'd like to help the battle to save 5 Pointz, here's where you can download the form, as well as get info on where to send it. And if THAT doesn't work, a speaker at the demonstration named Angel promised to block the bulldozers with a human chain around the entire building "no matter how cold the weather, or how hungry we get". If you'd like to get in on that action, send your info to Angel at