As expected, like yesterday, today's lines for the final day of the Metropolitan Museum's exhibition of Alexander McQueen's work, Savage Beauty, are long. They snake into Central Park, and some people are excited when they manage to see the museum's front entrance, though there are still dozens ahead of them.

While the Metropolitan of Museum stopped allowing members special access to the exhibit on Friday, New Yorker television critic Nancy Franklin Tweeted this morning, "The McQueen situation: there IS a members' line. They go in at 8. 200ish ppl on that line. Hoi polloi line goes in at 9:30. 400-500 ppl now," but then added that, "No members line now--members just stride in at will. The restofus line, was told 1/2 hour ago, is several blocks long." More recently, she declared, "Heading up Met steps now. So will end tweets re lines, crowds, entry times. / Thnx to@MetMuseum for good job of informing ppl this morning."

And there is a petition floating around pleading for Savage Beauty to become a traveling exhibit so more people can see McQueen's unparalleled tailoring, construction and imagination.

Update: Reader zeedub commented with this good advice, if you want to go today, "I got there at 11:30 last night. There was no admission line and they were letting people join the line up until midnight. They said the McQueen line would be 3 hrs but it was really about 1.5 hours. Left show around 2 am. I recommend going late because once you are in show it's so crowded and hard to see. So when I got to the end I went back to the beginning and by then no new crowds were coming in so you actually had some space to see the objects. You miss so much otherwise."