After hours (many hours!) of waiting in the "center of the universe," an estimated million-plus revelers packed Times Square to usher in a new decade.

The glittering, Waterford Crystal-bedecked New Year's Eve Ball successfully made its descent atop One Times Square to kick off the fireworks:

Confetti drifted through the air—3,000 pounds of confetti—as people waved balloons, kissed each other, and appreciated the fortitude it required to stay in a viewing pen to experience a Times Square New Year's Eve.

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Happy New Year everybody. NYE - NYC 2020

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Many who made the decision to camp out in Times Square were there to see Korean pop phenomenon BTS. The boy band performed "Make It Right" on the red steps in Father Duffy Square, on the street level near the crowds, and their crossover hit "Boy With Luv," which they sang on another stage. (Dick Clark Productions is working very hard to take down videos of the performance, but you can stream it on, around the 27:30 mark.) Still, the BTS Army has things basically covered:

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HAPPY NEW YEAR / NEW DECADE! #RockinEve #Hello2020

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In fact, one could say that the BTS Army owned Times Square:

Other performers included Alanis Morissette alongside the cast of Jagged Little Pill, the Broadway musical using songs from her album, and Post Malone, who apparently fell, possibly while shaking fans' hands (Malone was okay however).

Anyway, let's just relive those first sweet moments of 2020 again:

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Happy new year 🎆🎊

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#볼드랍 봤다🤩 이번 여행 시기를 이렇게 최고 성수기로 몰게 만든건 오로지 볼드랍을 향한 나의 마음이었는데! 어떻게 보긴봤다! 미국 인싸들 사이에서 새해를 맞이 한다는건 너무 신기하고.. 실감이 안났다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근처식당예약해서 너무 편하게 봤다는 작년후기가 여행카페에 올라와서 나두 거기에 확률 다 걸었는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사람 사는거 다 똑같다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 거기서 한국인 정모함ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 눈치보다 옆에 슈퍼에 피신했는데 한국인 아저씨가 경찰한테 가더니 얘네 좀 넣어주라고 해줬다!!! 😍 볼드랍은 진짜 답이 없는거 같다 패스 사라고도 못하겠고 줄 서라고도 못하겠는... 암튼 11시 넘어서 들어갔더니 너무 잘보였고!!! 안에선 경찰도 방송국 스텝도 그리고 지나다니는 연예인들도 그냥 다 너무 하이텐션이어서 서로 인사하고 해피뉴이어하는게 신기했다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2020 무슨일이 있을지 모르겠지만 이번 미국여행이 2020에 가장 버라이어티한 일이길!!!! 무탈하게 넘어가길!!! 나처럼 뭐없이 뒷일 생각 안하고 살아도 잘사는 날들이 많아지게 해주세요!!!!!!! 남들만큼만 운이 따르고 재수있는 2020 보낼수있길!!! 그리고 꽁돈 많이 생기게 해주세요!!

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