Not even the shutdown of both the 7 and the L trains over the weekend could slow the mighty New York Comic Con 2018, which attracted huge crowds to the Javits Center, particularly on Saturday and Sunday. As usual, the cosplay was fantastically elaborate, the commerce brisk, the whole spectacle overwhelming in its pop-culture hyper awareness.

Comic Con has grown so huge that it takes over the entire convention hall—some 200,000 people were expected to attend over the four-day run—and on Saturday and Sunday it often felt like every square foot was packed with bizarre creatures, grim warriors, heroic men and women and aliens and animals looking to save or possibly destroy the world. There are no rules of cosplay, of course, except for maybe that no store-bought, factory-made outfits are allowed. Which is why many of the most jaw-dropping costumes took months to create.

In addition to all the cosplay goofing and gawking—one of the most fun things is when a whole pack of, say, Boba Fetts or Yugis spontaneously form—there are many, many things to buy here. Toys and collectibles by the tens of thousands, original drawings and prints along the vast Artist Alley, clothing and accessories, and autographs by and photo-ops with the likes Todd McFarland, Teri Hartcher, Mark Ruffalo, and Lucie Pohl.

For a small taste of the epic weekend (it also serves as excellent Halloween costume inspiration) click through the gallery above, and check out our report from opening day.