While you were busy snuggling up to your "boyfriend" last night, hundreds of young adults in Bushwick were draped in red light at the Might Get Weird Lover's Ball at the Light Space Studio. There were bearded men in suits, cans of PBR and Tecate, heart beach balls, rose petals galore, and a limo (with Virginia plates) smack dab in the middle of everything.

Photographer Sai Mokhtari said it was a thoroughly understated affair: "I can best tell you why it was cool by telling you what I didn't see: there was a palpable absence of vodka/Redbulls in this place. The DJ kept his mouth shut and played fantastic beats. None of this 'throw your hands up' nonsense. No glow sticks. It was a well dressed mid 20's to early 30's crowd."

Mokhtari was also impressed that there was very little online promotion about the event: "I had to write the promoter midday [Friday] just to figure out where it was. I'm not sure how their promotion machine works but it DOES."