Contrary to reports around the internet, Colin Powell and Ellen Degeneres were not gettin' down at this weekend's Afropunk Fest (they were in the Hamptons), but just about everyone else was. The free festival spanned two days and drew thousands of brilliantly outfitted fans to mosh, gyrate and fist pump to the musical stylings of everyone from Public Enemy front man Chuck D to Sacramento hardcore outfit Trash Talk.

While the acts on stage were top notch, the festival's real appeal was the other concert-goers, most of whom were decked out in threads that would send those Coachella poseurs back to Urban Outftters in tears. There was no shortage of meticulously-applied blue lipstick, glinting head jewelry, men in shorteralls and men in meticulously-applied blue lipstick. But don't take my word for it; look at the photos!