While you were marinating in the sun with 10,000 or so other ambulatory sweat glands at Governors Ball on Friday, weaving your way through flower children and exceedingly reasonable bathroom lines, the other half was sipping on Grey Goose and luxuriating in private toilets in the special cabanas section. Although really it wasn't so much 'the other half' as it was a sixth of a quarter of a half—because almost nobody was actively using the $30,000 cabanas during the day. V.I.P.s only show up for the headliners, it seems.

Gothamist Cabana Correspondent Scott Heins took a peek behind the cabana curtain to see what we were missing out on when we decided to not round up 15 friends and shell out $625 each for the luxury of "light buffet catering," all-inclusive beverage service, and access to massage therapists all weekend long. The cabanas are located by the main stage (NYC stage), so if you wanted to catch any of the acts on the other stages, you'd have to venture outside the safety of the be-sheeted paradise and mix with the common folks, and/or the "Super V.I.P.s."

There were seven cabanas which were completely empty up until about 5 p.m.—and the ones with signs of life after that only contained five or six people each. The cabanas started to get a bit more packed by the time Outkast headlined the main stage to end the evening, but not a single one appeared to be close to being filled.

"It was an even split when I asked Cabanamaniacs how they got their dope lodgings," Heins says. "Some were there because their advertising and media companies had paid for them for the office, and others had paid up on their own. There was also one cabana that was full of stragglers—Governors Ball weren't able to get seven full groups of 16 people, so they put individuals/twosomes/threesomes together into a kind of 'here, make friends!' patchwork cabana."

"Love Outkast, we got it for Outkast, to see fucking Outkast," Thomas from Sweden, who was staying in one, told us. "Free beer all day, any beer." Another Cabanamaniac shouted,
"There's chicken, there's ribs, and there's pigs in a blanket!" Not that they were interested in sharing any of their amenities with the GA plebs: one woman who was raving about the free drinks and food was approached by a GA person who asked if they had a cellphone charger up there. She said "No, sorry," because apparently she missed the Sesame Street episode about sharing.

Heins adds: "Before Outkast I observed a GA guy go up to the cabana railing and ask a dweller where the water station was and if he could see it from the cabana. The dweller just shook his head, clearly oblivious to where the proles were getting their water. Each cabana had a bowl of canned Perrier on ice. Another GA prole pointed the thirsty prole in the direction of the prole water."