The exuberant 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade wound its wicked way through downtown Manhattan last night. Here are some photos from the freaky festivities, which featured the traditional puppet parade—the theme this year was, according to the event's organizers, "The i of the Beholder... As the technology of Facebook and Flickr offers us the possibility of seeing everything, we risk seeing nothing but ourselves, eyes wide shut, in a collective feast of Narcissism. Argus, for all his vigilance, is slain by Hermes (God of Communication), and for his sacrifice, is turned into a peacock." Highbrow stuff! Now where the slutty nurses at?

Costumed revelers trailed behind the puppeteers carrying a cloud of floating eyes up Sixth Avenue. This year the parade (which is open to the public) featured your usual assortment of ghoulish zombies and monsters, sexy zombies and monsters, and the requisite topical costumes, such as a corny dead Steve Jobs ("iRest"), a victorious Muammar Gaddafi, and a melange of aristocratic 1 percenters. Earlier in the day, the Occupy Wall Street protesters had their own costume parade; peruse our photos here. Some of the demonstrators drifted north for the nighttime festivities, and our hats off to the Asian lesbian Anthony Bologna!