Days after a rally where supporters promised to save it, Long Island City graffiti destination 5 Pointz is now being painted white. 5 Pointz NYC, the "official" Twitter for the space, noted that the painting occurred overnight, "with police protection." Update: More upsetting photographs here.

More painting is going on now, and there also looks be to security as well. The building, owned by the Wolkoff family, is being turned into luxury condos—the warehouse will actually be razed. The City Council approved the plan, noting 1,000 union jobs would be created, plus there would be 12,000 square feet of art space, 10,000 square feet of external panels for aerosol art, and 32,000 square feet of public space.

While artists, including 5 Pointz curator Meres One, had protested the plan, a judge said last week that he couldn't grant an injunction.

Here's what 5 Pointz once looked like, and here's why 5 Pointz's demise may not be so terrible after all.