The gorgeous, landmarked Mayer House on Staten Island is on the market for $1.74 million. The 3,000-square-foot home is currently mostly used for photoshoots, and the Facebook page describes it as having "distressed interiors." According to an older article on SI Live, it was built in 1855 "by David Ryers on the site of the Rose and Crown Tavern. In 1889, after changing owners several times, the house was purchased by German-born confectioner and inventor, Gustave A. Mayer. The large dwelling served as his residence and work place until his death in 1918." Mayer created the Nabisco sugar wafer. Maybe his ghost can give you the original recipe!

The listing notes that the home includes a first floor "dedicated to a double parlor with a front porch, a second floor with bedrooms and a sloping ceiling 3rd floor, probably dedicated as service employees’ quarter," and a cupola with a view of the Raritan Bay. It's currently separated, with the owners living on the first floor and the rest of the home left open for location shoots.

Probably not haunted?

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