A surefire sign of summer is the return of the annual FIGMENT NYC art festival, and at last, the whimsical art installations have been unveiled. There's a whole host of fun stuff to see this weekend, not the least of which is the 11-hole mini-golf course, whose theme this year is "Mini is the New Big!"

Visitors will get to putt around blown up rubber duckies, mousetraps, ice cream sundaes, Bigfoot's footprint, and a massive iPhone charger, with contributions from artists like Tad Phillipp and Pam Tucker; Anthony Heinz Way, and Katie Stranix. In addition to the golf course, you can hop in a kiddie pool and hurl wet stuffed animals at your friends, or hang out in this year's eco-friendly tree house.

There are also interactive installations, art-related activities, and musical performances galore, with a full schedule available on FIGMENT's website. FIGMENT is totally free and runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow.