After cycling through anticipation, exhaustion and annoyance, the world's most recognizable buoyant behemoth, the giant Baby Trump balloon, finally landed in NYC on Sunday for By the People's Impeachment Parade.

Around 100 people turned out for the march, which started in Battery Park Sunday afternoon before ultimately ending outside The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street. Patricia Okoumou, the immigrant activist who was arrested after scaling the Statue of Liberty, was one of the speakers. There were 15-20 Trump supporters hanging around the event with their own Trump flags as well (we recognized at least one of them from previous pro-Trump rallies in the city).

Unfortunately, due to the weather (it was windy outside Sunday) and the amount of trees in the park, the Baby Trump balloon didn't make it through the entire march. But photographer Sachyn Mital was witness to at least one priceless moment with it: "While inflating the balloon the group ran out of helium—so a guy on the team told them to put the air blower in the ass (to inflate the balloon the rest of the way)."

Wow, it's just like real life!