The views around New York City—whether you're on the ground or 100-floors over it, whether you're a tourist or native—are spectacular to behold, and you don't need to be an urban explorer leaning precariously over a ledge to enjoy some of the best ones. Over the next week, we'll be visiting some of the highest legally-accessed views around Manhattan—we previously went over to 1WTC and the Top of the Rock, and today we're looking at Hyatt Times Square. Fun fact: it's the tallest hotel rooftop lounge in the city.

While Times Square and corporate hotels may not scream "romance," the combo can provide a fine perch to take in the views. The Hyatt Times Square has a rooftop bar (Bar 54) in the middle of the Midtown tourist hub, which will put you 54-stories above the bustling area. Click through (and check out the timelapse below) for a look at the views you can catch while sipping on a... $25 cocktail.