The views around New York City—whether you're on the ground or 100-floors over it, whether you're a tourist or native—are spectacular to behold, and you don't need to be an urban explorer leaning precariously over a ledge to enjoy some of the best ones. We've been visiting some of the highest legally-accessed views around Manhattan, previously making stops at 1WTC, the Top of the Rock, and the tallest hotel rooftop lounge in the city. Today, we're heading to the Bowery for a look at one of the New Museum's permanent installations: its view.

Photographer Tod Seelie recently captured the golden hour up on the New Museum's 7th floor—the Sky Room—which offers panoramic views from a more tucked away, lower-level vantage point. Bonus: You can enjoy the views from indoors or outdoors, as the space has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and a terrace running along the east and south sides of the building.

Click through to check out the layers you get from a rooftop-view on the Lower East Side.