The steamiest day of summer seemed suiting for the FDNY Foundation's annual Calendar of Heroes release. Yesterday in sweltering Times Square, firefighters helped unveil the calendar, and unbelievably kept their shirts on while doing so, much to the dismay of the fans and press gathered around.

The calendar features thirteen firefighters (one for every month and the cover) as well as important fire safety tips. The FDNY Foundation provides fire education for New Yorkers, and cover firefighter Jamah Figaro said, "We are coming off a June that was fatality-free, so we know these Foundation programs are working, thanks to their hard work and the work of the brave men and women of the Fire Department."

(Jen Chung/Gothamist)

After posing on and in front of the Hard Rock Cafe's marquee, the firefighters autographed their calendars inside of the air-conditioned restaurant, where they also served up tips on how to stay hydrated on a day like this. Figaro said it's all about drinking water, but when they come back from a job on a hot day like this, they'll step that up to coconut water.

Meanwhile, out in the crowd, one woman was excited when she realized that Figaro "was the one I saw on TV this morning"—she was watching Good Morning America and decided to head to Times Square for the signing. Another confided that she's on the FDNY Foundation mailing list and buys two calendars every year, "One for home and one for my cubicle to make my coworkers jealous."