A family has gone Full Brooklyn and is building a 3-story home made of 21 stacked shipping containers in Williamsburg. Yes, this has been done before, but David Boyle and Michele Bertomen's cute container home was more representative of the early aughts Williamsburg: artsy, DIY, not really that much to look at. This new family is bringing in some Luxury design, to fit in with the shiny new soulless Williamsburg.

The 5,000-square-foot home—made of stacked and diagonally cut containers—will "invoke Williamsburg's industrial past, while providing a sculptural nod to the rapidly changing neighborhood," according to LOT-EK. The firm also explains that "container assembly is studied to reduce waste, recombining and reusing all leftovers generated by the diagonal cut."

The home will have a garage, a yard, a media room with tiered seating, a BBQ pit, the fireplace of your dreams, beautiful sunsets every night, and a goddamn lap pool. And according to Curbed, it's under construction now.