Photographer Tod Seelie, whose work you've seen around here, has a photography book coming out this fall, titled Bright Lights: Photographs of Another New York. The book will feature some of his most stunning shots from the city, taken over about a 15 year period—and as the book description notes, "In Seelie's city, cars burst into flames, punks knock each other off mutant bicycles, and women crowd surf in high heels." You'll get to travel high atop bridges, go way underground, and see what happens at those secret adventures you never hear about until it's too late.

This Thursday he'll be previewing the book at Slideluck in Bushwick at 7 p.m. (details + RSVP info here)—but before that, click through for a glimpse into Seelie's darker, deranged, and more vibrant side of the city.