If variety is the spice of life, then J Crew gingham shirts are the ham sandwiches—dependable, always fine, never mind-blowing. Men who know little-to-nothing about fashion (which includes both this writer and, judging by the men I know, most men I know) cling to a few basic sartorial concepts, like "never wear shorts to work," "don't even think about wearing a hat," and "plaid works, dude." And now the dirty little secret is out, thanks to Instagram account thatjcrewginghamshirt.

It's funny because we all dress the same.

It's funny because the joke is that this Instagram feed reposts photos of people wearing the same J Crew shirt, but it's also not a joke because it's not a joke to the people who are wearing the shirts in the photos, this is just how they dress sometimes, which actually makes the joke funnier to some people.

Making fun of people for their choices isn't funny.

Then again, making fun of people for their choices IS funny sometimes.

Also, uniformity is hilarious, have you even seen the movie The Giver? LOL!

Of course it wouldn't be so funny if this were a movie titled "The Stepford Gingham Shirt Wearers Who Are Zombies/Slaves To Capitalism, This Is A Metaphor, Get It?"

It would really be a bummer if this Instagram turned out to be a not-so-elaborate J Crew advertising campaign.

Even if it isn't an authorized J Crew advertisement, it kind of is a J Crew advertisement, isn't it?

Wait, are we advertising for J Crew right now by pointing out how comfortable their cotton, machine-wash long sleeve shirts are?

Wearing one of their shirts is like taking up residency in a warm glove.

Men and women want to make love to you if you wear J Crew.

Life was but a hopeless series of occurrences 'til I got my Crew on.