The main attractions at Governors Island include the lush green grass, sprawling views of Manhattan, and the fact that you aren't bumping into someone every time you turn a corner. Serenity now, etc.

There's solitude, but there's also a lot of activity, and the latter can typically be discovered near the Figment installations, which were just unveiled last weekend. In addition to Figment's Minigolf, Pavilion, Sculpture Garden and Treehouse, there are a few new projects which will be on view through September 25th. Click through for a look at this weekend's action, and scroll down for the new pieces. Might we recommend that next year they recreate the island's old Burger King?

As a reminder: Governors Island is opened 7 days a week, through September 27th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (and 7 p.m. on weekends). Tickets range from free, to $2, to $20 for a season pass.

(Courtesy Risa Puno/Figment)

Risa Puno's Common Picnic is an interactive installation designed for communal meals, lounging, and play.

(Courtesy Sofy Yuditskaya and Ria Rajan/Figment)

Sofy Yuditskaya and Ria Rajan bring the bright outdoor light into the relative darkness inside the pyramid structure, an optical art installation becomes a quiet space to observe from the inside out.

(Courtesy Kevin Knigge Dartt/Figment)

Kevin Knigge Dartt brings Mt. Marcy—the tallest mountain in New York State—to Governors Island, "an exaggerated juxtaposition of the virtual, artificial and natural is created as these environments are merged into a single piece of furniture."

(Courtesy Edina Tokodi/Figment)

Edina Tokodi's Fox was made with hand-cut panels constructed atop the greenery to create a portrait of a fox, "once a native creature to the New York City area," according to the press release.