Last night, legions of Rocky Horror Picture Show enthusiasts headed to Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park for a late-night screening. And though the night was rife with the usual Rocky Horror accoutrements—costumes, callbacks, a raucous Time Warp dance—this screening was SILENT.

Attendees were handed headphones with the film's sound piped in, but weren't limited to the musical stylings of Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon & Meatloaf—as is requisite at a Rocky Horror screening, actors from NYC RHPS, New York City’s Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast, played the scenes out onstage, and it seemed like many fans were happy to switch back and forth from the film to the madness unfolding in front of the screen.

Photographer Scott Heins was on hand, noting that everyone went customarily wild during the Time Warp, with attendees jumping off their seats and dancing. Sweet Transvestite elicited similar antics, complete with dancing in the aisles. It's unclear whether an underwear run took place—that would be a sight to see in Lincoln Center.