We were pretty disappointed to learn that Paul Feig's new all-female Ghostbusters film (aka Ghostbusters: Ladies Division: High Heels & Hella Ghosts: Slimer Protocol) would be mostly filmed around the inaccurate New England hellscape better known as Dunkin' Donuts Presents Boston, despite this franchise being a quintessential NYC one. But we're happy to report that the film has come home this weekend to do at least some shooting around the actual city where the film takes place. For when there is something strange in the neighborhood, that neighborhood is inevitably Tribeca.

Tribeca Citizen reports that Ghostbusters (going by the production name "Flapjack") was filming around Church and Duane Streets on Saturday. The Ecto-1 and the Ecto-2 (the motorcycle above) were both spotted on Chambers Street.

It appears that the production is in Midtown today as well.

#Ghostbusters will be #filming today in #midtown #nyc

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If you're wondering who to thank for all these sightings, thank Al Roker. Always thank Al Roker.