After running amok in a subway station in the Bronx this past weekend, filming for the upcoming Joker movie (no, not one of the FOUR Joker movies in the pipeline starring Jared Leto) continued in DUMBO on Monday. And while there were no "Clown 4 Mayor" signs this time, we did get a new close-up look at the garbage-strewn streets of Gotham City as well as Joaquin Phoenix in full clown regalia using [squints, checks Wikipedia entry on ancient technology] an authentic "phone booth," which apparently were used by primitive humans as toilets during the pre-Slack era.

Director Todd Phillips also released another photo of Phoenix in costume as Batman's greatest foe from the upcoming film (which is not the Joker movie that is supposed to be a mix of Bad Santa and This Is Us).

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And here's a few more pics from the set of the upcoming Joker film that does not include a cameo from Dr. Phil:

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Joaquin Phoenix in clown makeup, director @toddphillips1 shared an image of him what seems to be Arthur dressed as a clown. here’s some behind the scenes. Leave your thoughts and comments down below! Honestly if Arthur gets thrown in Acid in the movie I’d be satisfied but I know for a fact that this movie will not disappoint. If you’ve watched Movies featuring Joaquin Phoenix he’s a pretty talented and spot on actor and he puts his focus and full potential at acting. Let me know what you guys think. #joker #joaquinphoenix #clownprinceofcrime #batman #toddphillips #thejoker #dcfilm #dccomics #brucewayne #comics #robertdeniro #alanmoore #80s #killingjoke #newyorkcity #dcentertainment #thebatman #jokermovie #clownmakeup #creepyclowns #jokeredit #joker🃏 #jokermakeup #jokerworld #jokerlovers #classic #joaquinphoenixjoker #jokerart #clowns #arthurfleck #batman

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Filming for the movie continues in NYC this week, with today's shoot taking place at East 61st Street. If you are champing at the bit to be an extra in the film—which, to be clear, is not a sequel or spinoff of Suicide Squad, the last movie in which The Joker appeared, although both a sequel and spinoff of that film which would feature The Joker as a main character are still being discussed—the production is looking for paid extras when it starts filming in New Jersey next weekend. It'll be filming in Jersey City this Sunday and again on Nov. 9th, and will be filming in Newark Oct. 15th and 16th in Newark. Extras will make $143 for 10 hours. If you are interested, email and write "NJ Local Flyer" in the subject line; also make sure to include current photos, as well as your name, phone number, age, height and weight.

In the meantime, check out this sweet-ass video of The Joker jet skiing near Empire Fulton Ferry park last week. It's unclear whether it was Phoenix in the costume, or a stuntman, or whether it was even being filmed for the movie, or perhaps being filmed for one of the other (I repeat) FOUR potential Joker movies, or maybe Jared Leto just was living his life to the fullest.