Lock-picking aficionados and dabblers alike gathered in Midtown on Friday night to hang out at the Atlas Obscura lock picking party. The highly interactive night began with master lock picker Schuyler Towne picking as many locks as he could while blindfolded (he got through at least 12), and then leading the group through a demo explaining how a basic lock works.

There was an open bar, live music (Jason Prover and the Sneak Thievery Orchestra), and a huge selection of antique locking devices in cases all around the second floor, where they also had tables full of locks to pick. Everyone was given a lock pick set and either a key to wear or a lock when they arrived; they were then then tasked with finding their key/lock "match"—and according to photographer Tod Seelie most people actually did. Take a look through his photos above; and if you were at the event, please make sure to use your newfound abilities for the good of mankind.